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Your exhibitors spend thousands of dollars to participate at events showcasing their organization and pushing their presence to compete for market share in their industry. Our goal is quite simple... be part of your exhibitor’s extended team by allowing them access to the MicroSpec portfolio of exhibitor services and to work together to drive their business forward.  We also aim to simplify the exhibitor onboarding process for show management through our extensive suite of tools so you can focus on other things.


Here are a few highlights of what we bring to the table:

Exhibitor Portal

Your exhibitors will have one central location to manage all of their needs. Badge registration, show information, document and form tracking, lead retrieval, virtual content uploads, and more.

Document Management

Use this as your designated place for all information pertaining to the show... signed contracts, insurance forms, health & safety certifications, etc.


Allows you to work with online software and print all your badging needs prior to arriving at the event.  You can also manage all your badges and print while on-site!

Appointment Scheduling

Interactive appointment scheduling between exhibitors and attendees pre-show along with printed agendas, set locations, and schedule management.

Distribution Portal

Want to ensure your customer’s base or new customers are attending? Utilize the portal to invite customers and even send passes for entry.  This also connects directly to our TIX123 ticketing platform.

Badge Management

Set limits on number of badges each exhibitor can register and offer purchasing of additional badges.   Monitor exhibitor progress, automatic reminders, and limit access as needed.


Our exhibitor services are accessible in both English and French.

Historical Support

Repeat exhibitors can opt to carry forward badges from the previous year to save time re-entering the same information each show.

Lead Retrieval

​And finally the key element of success for your exhibitors... Lead Retrieval... Awareness, Discovery, Evaluation and Intent are all pieces of the puzzle within the purchasing process. Your exhibitor’s pipeline and ability to forecast allows your business leaders to engage and sell accordingly.


We have over 20 years of experience with Lead Retrieval. Our in-house designed and developed app is a leader in the industry. Ratings on conversations, notes, follow ups, surveys, calendar links, photos, voice recording, instant emails with attachments are all standard features in our mobile app. If they are not comfortable using our mobile app we also have hand held devices that can be used for simple leads. We create the perfect lead!


Once they have their lead retrieval system and their customers are flooding the exhibition floor, our service does stop there. We walk the floors and ensure our app, hand held device and their customer interactions are flawless. They will see us visit their booth twice daily to say hello and answer any questions they might have.

Post event everyone gets busy with their daily grind, and we know exhibitors sometimes forget to follow up on all their leads. All registered exhibitor individuals will receive an email link to a personalized portal that has details for the customers they scanned. We want our exhibitors to close business and this feature is our way of saying thank you and assisting within that process.

Lastly... let’s take it one step further. Just imagine now all customers who were scanned also receive an email with all exhibitors who they spoke to. The conversation is often rushed and not everything was conveyed. They are now reminded of their visit which heightens the exhibitor's presence with them for the next follow up.

It is no surprise that the majority of exhibitors that participate within events utilize lead retrieval. It has become the cornerstone of measuring success at Trade Shows & Conferences. Organizations can review key performance indicators like revenue, profitability and possible market share increases from business won and make better decisions on where to spend their event budgets.

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