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3rd Party Reporting Links

Tired of forwarding reports to third parties? Have a group you need to give specific information too? You can create a specialized link that will run a specific report without a login. Great for those who need access to a report but you don’t want them to have all of your show information.

Access Control Scanners

Provide access control and/or real-time attendance tracking at the door of your sessions. Our handheld scanners will verify that an attendee is in the proper session that they signed up for. No more “tickets” at the door as our STOP/GO/ALLOW feature will instantly validate.

Add to Calendar

Add show details or individual events / sessions to your favourite web based or desktop Calendar software. Supports Outlook (desktop), (web), Google, Apple iCal, Yahoo

Address Auto Completion

Using geolocation data and Google Places just start typing your address and click the result to auto-fill your address (Canada & US Only)

Analytics Integration

We support Google Async and/or tag manager integrations and cross domain tracking. We also integrate with many other analytics platforms like Facebook, etc.

Apple Wallet / Google Pay Integration

Allow your customers to organize their confirmations directly in their Apple or Google Pay accounts.

Booth Application System

Allow Exhibitors to order their booths and badges in one easy to follow process. Collect their contact information, booth order and payment in one easy to follow form. Once an exhibitor is approved for their booth purchase you can allow them to automatically go register for their badges for the event.

Bulk Email Distribution

Need to send customized emails en-masse? We can filter and send emails to your registrants as required.

CEU Certificates

Scan your attendees onsite and send PDF formatted CEU Certificates easily after your event. A definite time-saver for those events that require continuing education credits.

Client API Integration

Do you have a Membership Database and would like to verify existing members and/or pre-populate your registration form? Allow MicroSpec to work with either your in-house or external member data to provide a safe and secure data exchange through a custom API build with your Web or IT team. No Web/IT team? No problem. Send us a spreadsheet of your data and we can import and host your data on our servers and provide the same security and functionality.

Contactless Onsite Payments

Onsite contactless payment processing via Credit Card Terminal Tap N Pay features and SMS messaging payment link.


Demographics allow shows to capture specific information about the attendee. You can design questions aimed at capturing relevant data to help you target your marketing and show more efficiently. With our flexible template you can. Break your demographic questions into unique pages, create questions that are: Radio button, drop down answers, multiple choice, text based.

Dietary Management

Ability to capture and report on unique dietary needs by attendee or guest.

Dinner and Guesting

Capture your guests per special event and any dietary requirements for that guest easily and report on it.

Document Uploader

Need to collect documentation during the registration process? Our document uploaded feature allows the registrant to upload any type of document including PDF’s, trade licenses, pictures, word documents and more. Manage and review all these documents in our document portal.

Electronic Distribution Portal

MicroSpec offers Photo ID badges. Allow your exhibitors to upload their photos online, and print them on their badges for an added method of access control onsite. You can print the photo on our standard badges or use hard card badges for colour photos.

Event App Integration

Our systems are fully integrated with EventMobi ( and Attendify ( These 2 world-class leaders in mobile event apps engage and connect your attendees both during and after an event. Registration data including event information and scheduling are automatically uploaded to these systems.

Event Notification Email / SMS

Interested in being notified, in real-time, who’s registered for a specific event? Our system can email or text you directly when someone is scanned.

Exhibitor Portal

An easy to use portal for all your exhibitors to utilize throughout the show. Our Exhibitor Portal allows exhibitors who rent Lead Retrieval scanners to view/download leads; Map the leads; visually peak scan times; add logos and promotional text to Who Scanned Me feature.

Exhibitor Registration Upgrade

We now support multiple badge types and unique maximums on each.

Foreign Country Visa Documents

Need to manage your foreign visitors? Use our system to create form letters that are sent automatically to these registrants. Used in combination with our MVS System (Verification System), this powerful tool takes care of arduous process of managing out-of-country applicants.

Formstack Integration

Trouble managing your exhibitor kit forms? We are integrated with the most powerful forms management software available today. Take full control of the process and post and manage all your forms in a single portal.

Group Registration

MicroSpec offers an easy way for people to register multiple people from your company while still capturing unique important information per person. This allows people to pay in one easy payment at the end of their process or with separate cards per person. The ease continues onsite allowing people to register and pay with one easy payment.

Historical Lookups

If your attendee has registered for a previous show we can do an auto lookup for your past details and pre-populate your details to make registering from year to year easier.

Hotel Reservation Integration

MicroSpec has partnered with Passkey( and OnPeak ( to aid in your housing and room-block needs. Direct your attendees to your hotel accommodations directly within the registration process and capture confirmation information.

Incomplete Follow Up

If you need to see who started a registration but did not complete it we offer a report that shows you all the information. You can review when a person dropped out of the process, how many people started but did not finish a registration and follow up directly with them.

Insider Info Sharing

Allows attendees to see each others social login info and to connect.

Invoicing / PO's

Along with the standard credit card and cheque payment options, MicroSpec offers an invoicing / PO feature. Now you can have our system generate an invoice that is sent via email to the attendee along with their show confirmation and payment information form.


Allow your attendees to view their onsite schedule. We combine all events, sessions, meetings in one convenient location so that delegates. Printed, Web and Mobile versions are available.

MS CheckIn

Are you still using a paper based check-in system? Don’t know exactly how many people have checked-in so far? Simply upload your list to our app and check in individuals with a tap. Add new guests immediately. Instant reports. Great for lunches, seminars and small meetings where a complex system with badging is not needed.

MS Cloud

We’ve taken the best of our complex registration system functionality and have made it available to you in the cloud. MSCloud is an add-on to our registration portal that allows you to manage your delegates and exhbitors both on the web and on your mobile device. With enhanced printing capabilities event managers can now manage their onsite needs on their own. Great for small events and consumer show badging.

MicroSpec Appointment System

Our MicroSpec Meeting system allows your exhibitors and attendees to pre arrange onsite meetings to enhance their experience at your event.

MicroSpec Verification System (MVS)

Do you need to verify attendees or media for your event? Our MVS System gives you control over who is permitted at your event. View uploaded media credentials, question responses, other documents and pictures in order to validate. This one click operation allows you to send status update emails accepting, denying or requesting additional information.

Mobile Responsive Design

Compatible with PC, MAC, Tablets and Smartphones, our systems are designed to take advantage of all of todays web and handheld platforms

Overlapping Sessions

MicroSpec has built in logic that allows you to set rules so attendees can register for just 1 session in a time slot or section. This can help eliminate incorrect numbers for each of your sessions allowing you to more accurately forecast your resources.

PayPal Express Checkout Integration

Our PayPal Express Checkout gives your registrants a simplified checkout experience that keeps them local to your registration site throughout the payment authorization process and enables them to use their PayPal balance, bank account, or credit card to pay without sharing or entering any sensitive information.

Payment Integration

MicroSpec has integrations with all the major payment providers including:, Bambora (formerly Beanstream), BluePay, Chase Paymentech, Cybersource, Elavon, eSwipe, Moneris, PayFirma, Paypal, PSI Gate, Stripe, ViaKlix, and many more. Don't see yours here? Ask us and we'll build it.

Photo ID

MicroSpec offers Photo ID badges. Allow your exhibitors to upload their photos online, and print them on their badges for an added method of access control onsite. You can print the photo on our standard badges or use hard card badges for colour photos.

Print at Home Badges

MicroSpec offers this great method of printing badges while saving you money on mailing costs! No more wasted paper with badges not being used. Allow people coming to your event (you pick the badge types that can use this feature, Attendees, Exhibitors, the choice is yours) to print their badges easily and quickly from the convenience of their homes.

SMS Messaging

Now you can reach your attendees and exhibitors in an instant! Send pre-programmed messages announcing the start of an event, or a custom message created by you in our dashboard.

Scan, Print and Go

Reduce you onsite registration area manpower! Allow your delegates and exhibitors to check-in and receive their badge at a kiosk. All registrations within our system receive barcoded confirmations (paper, web and mobile). Scan the hardcopy or mobile confirmation code and the badge prints within seconds.

Social Login

Tired of remembering all your web related passwords? We've integrated 3 of the most popular social logins to register or login to your registration so you never have to create or remember your password again.

Speaker Profiles Management

Manage all your speaker profiles within our self-serve system. Combine this with our Event App integration for maximum exposure.

Streams / Filters

Do you have a large number of sessions/seminars for your registrants to attend? Allow MicroSpec to organize them with an easy to use filter system. We can drill down all events into one or many “Streams”. Allowing them to filter by Date, Colour, Category, Custom Tag or any attribute you wish to apply to your events. This way your registrants have the option to display a subset of sessions/seminars based on their interests or requirements, but still having all options easily accessible without losing any of their previous selections while filtering.

Survey System

This integrated system allows you to send out surveys both during and after a session or event. Capture valuable feedback from your attendees. Links to surveys can be sent via email and SMS text.

Table Seating

We have a full web based table seating and management system embedded right in our ticketing platform. Perfect for corporate dinners and other functions.


Have a popular event? Use our wait list manager that will allow you to easily manage the excess interest in an event. When a spot opens up we can easily move the next person into the available spot, cancel out any conflicting events, and email your attendee their new revised schedule.

Who Scanned Me?

We know that exhibitors are slow to react - so we’ve created a method to have the delegates get in touch with the exhibitors who scanned them at the event by sending them an email post-event containing their scanned information.

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