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What's New - Product Fulfillment

Virtual events don't have to mean a complete disconnect for putting samples into the hands of your attendees.  We offer product fulfillment services to both package and ship your exhibitor products and material to the registrants of your virtual event.  Just like a swag bag at the door you can ensure that your key partners aren't limited to just what they can show on a screen.

Contact us for more details and pricing.


When individuals enter your portal page you want the experience to be uninterrupted.  No two events are the same and our registration platform has a portfolio of fully customizable features that MicroSpec’s development team will integrate into your current web presence. With thousands of event setups behind us, your delegates, exhibitors, speakers, media and special guests will navigate with ease allowing for exceptional customer service before the event even begins. 


Here is a peek at some of our features:

  • Mobile Responsive Design

  • Social Logins - Grow your community

  • Historical Lookups

  • Group Registration

  • Demographics

  • Appointment Software

  • Incomplete Follow Ups

  • Itineraries

  • Overlapping Session Alerts

  • Waitlisting

  • SMS Communication

  • Event Notification Emails

  • Calendar Integration

  • Registration Verification System

  • Google Analytics Integration

  • Apple Wallet / Google Pay Integration

  • Personalized Attendee Resource Centre

  • Client API Integration (CRMs, Member DBs)

  • Dietary Needs Management

  • Support for Session Streams and Filters

  • Insider Info Sharing

  • Exhibitor Registration Portal

  • Exhibitor Document Management

  • Client Verification Portals

  • Survey Systems

  • Event App Integrations (EventMobi / Attendify)

  • CEU Certification Services

  • Booth Application Software

  • Foreign Country Visa Document Control

  • Electronic Invitation Distribution Portal

  • Document Uploads (eg Health and Safety, Insurance)

  • Hotel Reservation Integrations

  • Speaker Profile Management

  • Bulk Email Distribution

  • Formstack Integration

  • Web Based Badge Editing and Printing

  • Payment Integration with 20+ Merchant Providers

  • PayPal Express Payments

  • Photo ID Badges with Online Photo Uploading

  • Virtual Trade Show Floor


On the day of your event you want a seamless flow of individuals getting to where they need to be no matter who they are. Our Project Coordinators along with an extended team of experts will ensure there is no confusion. Quick check in, badges, itineraries and directions will make certain everyone is excited and ready to enjoy their day. Leave the logistics to us, and spend the day enjoying  the spectacular environment.

Here is a peek at some of our features:

  • Manned or Self-Serve Check-In

  • Self-Serve Registration Kiosks

  • Print-on-Demand Badges

  • Print-At-Home Badging

  • Access Control Scanning

  • Session Tracking

  • Expert Staffing

  • Lead Retrieval Services

  • Hardware Redundancy

  • Digital Badges

  • Easy to Use On-site Registration Software

  • Attendance Tracking

  • Scanning on the Go

  • Digital (mobile based) Check-in Lists

  • Event App Integration

  • Cellular Backup Internet

  • On-site Servers to Ensure Reliability

Lead Retrieval

Your exhibitors spend thousands of dollars to attend an event and showcase their presence into the market. Meeting hundreds of people on a daily basis is great, but they want to ensure their sales teams can follow up and build upon the conversations that were initiated. 


We have over 20 years of experience with Lead Retrieval. Our in-house designed and developed app is a leader in the industry. Ratings on conversations, notes, follow ups, surveys, calendar links, photos, voice recording, instant email with attachments. And if exhibitors are not comfortable using an app we have hand held devices that can be used for simple leads. We create the perfect lead!


Even while customers are flooding the exhibition floor we add additional service. We walk the floors and ensure our app, hand held device and their customer interactions are flawless. We will visit each booth daily to say hello and answer any questions.  Exhibitors with the mobile app are also able to call for assistance right from their devices.


Post event everyone gets busy with their daily grind, and we know exhibitors sometimes forget to follow up on all their leads. All registered exhibitor individuals will receive an email link to a personalized portal that has details for the customers they scanned. We want our exhibitors to close business and acting quickly on their data is critical to that process.


Lastly... let’s take it one step further. Just imagine now all customers who were scanned also receive an email detailing the exhibitors who they spoke to. The conversation was likely rushed and not everything was conveyed. They are now reminded of their visit which heightens the connection between attendee and exhibitor.


It is no surprise that the majority of exhibitors that participate within events utilize lead retrieval. It has become the cornerstone of measuring success at Trade Shows & Conferences. Organizations can review key performance indicators like revenue, profitability and market share increases from business won and make better decisions on where to spend their event budgets.

Exhibitor Services

MicroSpec also offers a full suite of exhibitor tools to simplify organizing your event.  Our portal allows your exhibitors to self manage their badges, documents, appointments, passes, show information, and more.  Take a moment to see if we can assist in this aspect of your events.  

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