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What's New - Assigned Seating

We are excited to announce the addition of assigned theater style seating to our list of ticketing services.  This new feature allows customers to select and reserve their preferred seats from a visual floor plan.  Seats can be divided by section and ticket type with support for show management reserve holds.  Straight forward reporting allows you to monitor sales and seat availability. 

TIX123 also has many years of table seating experience for corporate dinners, or other table style functions.  Assigned seating adds a key missing element to this service.


Contact us for more details for your event.


Our online portal is much more than a ticket selling platform. State of the art systems allow you to gather intelligent demographic and analytical information. Integrate with social media platforms and partner with sponsors for advertising opportunities. Very dynamic security variables are always in play and 24/7 customer service  team including online chat services. Satisfied customers before they even attend your event. 


Here is a peek at some of our features:

  • Quick and efficient mobile responsive ticketing

  • Fully integrated with Google and Facebook Analytics

  • Sell your tickets directly on Facebook

  • Demographic capture and reporting capabilities

  • Membership Database Integration and Validation

  • Complimentary ticket distribution system

  • Sell individual, group and VIP tickets from one place

  • Controlled quantities of tickets

  • Extensive Fraud Detection System

  • Personalized URLS (

  • Flexible discount rules and promo code support

  • No charge for charitable donation items

  • Branded sites (sponsor banners, etc)

  • Membership database integration

  • CAA integration for member discounts
  • Brick and mortar store sales with full tracking
  • Extensive timed ticketing support
  • Track all discounts and promotion codes

  • Sponsorship and advertising opportunities on tickets

  • Free on-site scanning app (Android and iOS)

  • Social Media Integration

  • Add to calendar support

  • Third-party ticket tracking (Teambuy / Comtix / etc.)

  • 24/7 Customer Service team including CHAT services

  • Incomplete purchase reminder emails

  • Google Pay and Apple Wallet support

  • Special Offer pop-ups at check-out

  • Web based table seating editor (corporate dinners, etc)

  • Dinner seating "create your own table" invite system

  • Theater style assigned seat selection

  • Send complimentary tickets anytime via email or SMS

  • Extensive 3rd part analytics integration (Google, FB, etc)

  • Bulk email blasts

  • Certified PCI/DSS Compliant


The backbone of a stellar box office is software developed with an understanding of the challenges faced by this industry. TIX123 has built a system from the ground up with the customer in mind and we continue to adapt our approach to the ever-changing needs of the ticketing world. The system was built for speed, allowing cashiers or self serve kiosks to perform transactions in seconds. Full touch screen capability makes it easy to select ticket types, accept coupons or apply discounts while keeping the process simple and error free. 

Here is a peek at some of our features:

  • Simple to use BoxOffice and Kiosk software

  • Full find / refund capabilities for all orders at BoxOffice

  • Cashier accountability via secure login process

  • Full touch screen capabilities

  • Integrate cash and credit card processing

  • Discount and coupon options

  • 1-swipe eTicket recall and print at BoxOffice

  • Full Audit Tracking

  • Zip/Postal Code and Email​ Capture at Kiosks

  • "VIP has arrived" email and SMS alerts

  • Scanners can allow/block based on time and entrance

  • Tap & Pay Payment Terminal Integration

  • Kiosk based surveys and demographics

  • Email / Postal code collection at BoxOffice

  • Realtime traffic tracking (total or by location)

  • In/Out scanning

  • Order find and redeem right from the scanners

  • Handheld ticket sales terminals

  • Cellular network scanners (scan anywhere!)

  • Digital tickets via SMS

  • Mobile reports to keep you connected real-time

  • and much much more...


The hustle and bustle of the event floor is intense and fast paced. People are coming and going in all directions and looking to get where they need to be. Our scanning services allow for order, organization and for you to understand real time ticketing data. 


At any point in time log into your administrative portal and see first hand your “traffic reports” and what points of entry your ticket holders are entering. Our scanners also allow for “access control” for things such as should tickets be accepted or rejected in a particular location or used for other purposes such as timed tickets, capacity tickets, special events tickets, the options are endless.


Our in-house designed and developed app can be downloaded directly to your phone or tablet. The app has all the functionality you need to validate entry including the scanning of 3rd party tickets and even allows a search and redeem feature to allow you to look up tickets and redeem them directly on the device. The app is fast, simple and best of all is free of charge to use. 


Not comfortable using our app? We have hand held devices available. These purpose built scanners include all the features of our app along with high speed scanning. Our dual pack batteries last up to 24 hours per charge and connect to the internet via WIFI or 3G/LTE (USA & Canada).  Cellular services mean you can scan anywhere and data charges are included within the rental price.  Staff at venues across North America constantly tell us we have the best scanning system they have ever used.

Additionally our scanner software supports looking up orders right on the device.  No more lost tickets at the door.  You can find an order and redeem the tickets to get the customer on their way quickly.  (you can also do this at our BoxOffice)


As a show owner you spend thousands of dollars executing your event and management teams spend  hundreds of hours strategically ensuring all elements logistically adhere to schedules like clockwork. Our scanning technology allows for that to happen.

Exhibitor Services

MicroSpec's full suite of exhibitor management tools work for consumer events as well!  Take a moment to see if we can assist in the management of your exhibitor and badging needs.  

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