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It's a Virtual World

MicroSpec/TIX123 is working to support virtual events in several ways.  From connected registration and ticketing tools to our own virtual trade show platform, we can assist in your transition to online events.  Read what we have to offer.

The Hybrid Experience

Expanded Attendee Experience

Provide attendees with a multi-faceted approach to participate in your event. By incorporating a virtual component with a live event you can extend the reach of your event. 

  • Attendees who may not have the budget or ability to travel to your event in person now have the opportunity to participate

  • Plan in advance: Attendees with limited time can map out their show experience directly from their hotel room by searching exhibitors, events, and sessions online

  • Attendees can revisit show content and contact exhibitors for weeks or months after the live event has finished


More Value for Exhibitors

Provide more value to your exhibitors returning to events. Providing a hybrid event gives your exhibitors more tools to help them succeed.

  • Expand the time your event stays active to allow for more attendees and the longer exposure for your exhibitors

  • Increased engagement with exhibitors on limited budgets. Hybrid events allow some exhibitors to work in the booth while others can work remotely from their home location addressing online questions and interactions


Show Managers 

During the last year, the industry has undergone a transformation in how events are viewed. Utilize all the tools available to provide the most robust show experience possible.

  • Hybrid provides longer exposure and opportunities to monetize post-event sessions

  • Reach a greater number of attendees who may not have the budget to travel 

  • Maximize your attendance and adhere to gathering restrictions

Virtual Trade Show Platform

Beyond hybrid our virtual trade show platform also supports fully virtual events.  We focus on providing an environment for exhibitors to display their services and connect with attendees on a longer-term basis than just normal trade show hours.  Think weeks instead of hours.


  • Offer a cost-effective trade show floor-focused platform with pre-recorded seminar support.  Live video is also available.

  • Focus on exhibitor exposure to ensure maximum visibility to the right attendees

  • Easy DIY drag and drop on-boarding of exhibitors and their content

  • Fully integrated with MicroSpec’s registration and TIX123 ticketing platforms

  • Remote notification tools to ensure exhibitors can manage their booth without having to stay online

  • Provide a viable virtual option for consumer shows that rely on a trade show floor experience

Download a full outline of what our platform can offer and please contact us if you would like a demo.

Integration with Virtual Event Providers

We have integrated our registration and ticketing systems with many of the largest virtual event providers in the market.  You can leverage our advanced registration processes, including discounts, member database verification, etc.  and then watch as that data flows real-time into the online provider handling your event.  We also support Single Sign On methods (where available) to make the transition seamless for your attendees.

We have existing integrations with the following platforms:

... and we are always adding more.  If you don't see your preferred platform listed let us know.

Exhibitor Management

Our exhibitor management system has the tools to make it easy for your exhibitors to upload their own logo, content (documents, photos, etc), social media links, descriptions, etc.  Save yourself time collecting all of this information and we provide an export for your virtual platform of choice.

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