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What's New - Assigned Seating

We are excited to announce the addition of assigned theater style seating to our list of ticketing services.  This new feature allows customers to select and reserve their preferred seats from a visual floor plan.  Seats can be divided by section and ticket type with support for show management reserve holds.  Straight forward reporting allows you to monitor sales and seat availability. 

TIX123 also has many years of table seating experience for corporate dinners, or other table style functions.  Assigned seating adds a key missing element to this service.


Contact us for more details for your event.

What's New - Product Fulfillment

Virtual events don't have to mean a complete disconnect for putting samples into the hands of your attendees.  We offer product fulfillment services to both package and ship your exhibitor products and material to the registrants of your virtual event.  Just like a swag bag at the door you can ensure that your key partners aren't limited to just what they can show on a screen.

Contact us for more details and pricing.

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